1What is the standard range of optical fiber cable diameter in mm?0.01 mm to 0.1 mm0.1 mm to 0.2 mm0.25 mm to 0.5 mm0.5 mm to 1.5 mmC
2What is the full form of PPM?Push Pull ModulationPost Phase ModulationPara Phase ModulationPulse Position ModulationD
3What is the wavelength of visible light spectrum?200 to 250 nano meter250 to 380 nano meter380 to 750 nano meter750 to 980 nano meterC
4What is the core diameter size of single mode optical fiber?3.25 X 10³ inches3.5 X 10-4 inches3.5 X 10-6 inches3.8 X 10-3 inchesB
5What is the name of part marked ‘X’ in the multi mode optical fiber cable?
CoreCladdingBuffer jacketStrength memberA
6What is the full form of OTDR?Optical Time Domain ResolvesOptical Time Domain ReflectometerOptical Time Domain ReflectorOptical Time Domain RefractorB
7Which colour is coated on the outer jacket of fiber optic cable to identify the single mode application?RedOrangeYellowDark brownC
8What is the frequency of sine wave signal taken from function generator to use OFC trainer kit?1 KHz10 KHz100 KHz1 MHzA
9What is the name of the bouncing back effect of light rays from a shiny surface?ConvergingDivergingReflectionRefractionC
10Which parameter makes the fiber optic communication is the perfect choice for transmitting broad band signals?Lower line lossWider bandwidthLow maintenanceEnvironment immunityB
11What is the refractive index of vacuum?1Less than 1Greater than 1InfinityA
12What is the basis for the selection of LED or LASER diode as the light source in optical fiber communication?AmplitudeFrequencyApplicationOperating temperatureC
13Which electronic device is used to convert the signal at receiving terminal of fiber optic communication channel?Opto couplerOpto isolatorPhoto detectorLight emitting diodeC
14Which light source is used to convert the electrical signal in the fiber optic communication?Opto couplerPhoto diodePhoto transistorLight emitting diodeD
15Which method is used to transmit information by means of light pulses?Radio wave communicationCopper wire communicationMicrowave communicationFiber optic communicationD
16What is the name of optical fiber cable part marked ‘X’?
CoreCladdingBuffer jacketStrength memberC
17Which type of optical fiber is used to carry telephone and television signals?Single mode fiberMulti mode fiberStep index fiberGraded index fiberA
18Which equipment is necessary for the optical fiber cable servicing?ConnectorsOFC couplersFusion splicerMultiplexing circuitsC
19Which mode the signal wave travels through the optical fiber?Transverse modeLength wise modeStraight on modeUnrestricted modeA
20Which optical fibre is best suited for local area network applications?Single mode fiberMulti mode fiberStep index fiberGraded index fiberD
21What type of joining technique is used for fiber optic cables?Fusion techniquesEpoxy techniquesWelding techniquesSoldering techniquesA
22Which circuit is used for the wave guide dispersion?Sweep circuitOscillator circuitOptical fiber circuitDemodulator circuitC
23Which device is used as the light source for long distance and high data rate applications in fiber optic communication?PIN diodePhoto diodeLaser diodeLight emitting diodeC
24Which device is used as the light source for short distance and low data rate applications in fiber optic communication?Tunnel diodePhoto diodeSchottky diodeLight emitting diodeD
25Which technology has replaced the copper wire in the core communication networks?Satellite communicationRadio wave communicationMicro wave communicationOptical fiber communicationD
26What is the effect on the angle of incidence of light is made greater than the critical angle?Light stopsReflection occursRefraction occursLight passes directlyB
27What is the name of the loss occurring due to the bend of finite radius in the optical fiber cable?Luminance lossDispersion lossHysteresis lossRadiative lossD
28Which loss is related to the fiber material used for optical communication?AbsorptionDispersionHysteresis lossRadiative lossA