ITI Engineering Drawing 1st Year, Common For All Trade


ITI Engineering Drawing 1st Year, Common For All Trade SET -2

1. Which of the following lines are used to show that the object is cut and then viewed.
a) Hidden lines
b) Leader lines
c) Center lines
d) Hatching Lines

Answer: D

2. From the below figure, what is the name of the line X

a) Outline
b) Section line
c) Hidden line
d) Hatching

Answer – C

3. What is the type of line used for line “a”

a) Continuous thick
b) Continuous thin straight
c) Medium thick short dashes
d) Chain thin

Answer – B

4. The axis of the cylinder or sphere is denoted by which of the following line

a) Section line
b) Center line
c) Hidden line
d) Leader line

Answer – B

5. What is the standard length and width of the arrowhead of dimension lines
a) 2mm and 2mm
b) 3mm and 1mm
c) 4mm and 2mm
d) 3mm and 2mm

Answer – B

6. The distance from the center to any point on the Circle is called the______.

a) Circumference
b) Radius
c) Diameter
d) Segment

Answer – B

7. The part that doesn’t belong to T-square is __________
a) Working edge
b) Blade
c) Stock
d) Ebony edge

Answer- D

8. The stock and the blade of the T-square are joined at ______ to each other.
a) 45o
b) 30o
c) 60o
d) 90o

Answer -D

8. Which of the following tools is used to draw horizontal lines
a) Mini – drafter
b) Protractor
c) T – square
d) French curve

Answer- C

9. Which of the following is NOT main types of engineering drawing
a) Mechanical engineering drawings
b) Electrical Engineering drawings
c) Air engineering drawings
d) Civil Engineering drawings

Answer-  C

10. The areas of the two successive sizes of drawing sheet are in the ratio ____
a) 1:5
b) 1:4
c) 1:2
d) 1:10

Answer- C

11. The area of the biggest size (A0) is 1m2 and its breadth and length are in the ratio is____

a) 1: 2
b) 1: Root 2
c) 3:2
d) 4:1

Answer- B

12. The biggest sizes of drawing sheet is _____.

a) A0
b) A1
c) A3
d) A5

Answer- A

13. What is the untrimmed size of A3 Drawing sheet

a) 625 x 880
b) 880 x 1230
c) 330 x 450
d) 240 x 330

Answer- C

14. What is the next size of 210 mm x 297 mm in drawing papers

a) 148 mm x 210 mm
b) 297 mm x 420 mm
c) 420 mm x 594 mm
d) 105 mm x 148 mm

Answer – B

15. Exact position of title block on drawing sheet is___________.
a) Left side bottom corner
b) Right side upper corner
c) Right side bottom corner
d) Left side Upper corner

Answer- C




16. Which of the following instrument can be used to draw accurate perpendicular lines, parallel lines and angular lines
a) Mini – drafter
b) T – square
c) Protractor
d) Set square

Answer -A

17. Which is the most common drawing tool used to draw circles
a) French curve
b) Mini – drafter
c) Divider
d) Compass

Answer – D

18. The angle which we can’t make using a single Set-square is ________
a) 45o
b) 60o
c) 30o
d) 75o

Answer- D

19. Using 30° – 60° – 90° and 45° – 45° – 90° set squares, which of the following angle is not possible to draw 30° – 60° – 90°
a) 45°
b) 30°
c) 10°
d) 90°

Answer – C

20. Which is the instrument used to draw parallel lines fast

a) Set square
b) Ruler scale
c) Protractor
d) Roll-n-draw ruler

Answer- D

21. Which of the following cannot be drawn accurately using roll-n-draw Ruler.
a) Lines
b) Horizontal lines
c) Parallel lines
d) Continuous curves

Answer- D

22. Small bow compass can draw circles less than _____ mm radius.
a) 25mm
b) 30mm
c) 35mm
d) 40mm

Answer- A

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