How to hold scissor’s while walking?Blade upwardsBlade downwardsKeep handles openKeep rotateB
Which is used to hold pins while sewing?A scrubberA rubberA cushionA pin cushionD
what is the use of seam ripper?Taking out stitchesMarking fabricsHolding two pieces of fabric togetherThreading the needleA
Which tool is used to temporarily hold two or more pieces of fabric together?ChalkPinsBobbinsNeedleB
Which is used for small drafting in record note book?Card scaleL’ scaleLong ruleGraduaded squareA
Which tape is used particularly measuring the coat?Metal tapeMeasuring tapeCPG measuring tapeSeam gaugeC
Which sewing machine parts controls the length of the stitch?Hand wheel fly wheelFly wheelStitch regulaterBobbin winderC
Which parts of the sewing machine holds the needle at one end with the help of the clamp?Needle barPresser footBobbinFly wheelA
Which class does two thread over lock belongs to?Class 100Class 400Class 500Class 503D
Which tool is used to press fabric flat?Presser footIronYard stickNeedle clampB
What is the name of needle hole?CasingOpeningEyeThreaderC
Which colour thread should be used while stitching a garment?Same colourContrast colourBright colourDark colourA